Relocation & Lifestyle services

We offer personalised services to assist you in all areas of your project to relocate your family and business to Switzerland, and particularly to Ticino.

Our services begin with a careful analysis and planning of your needs, also providing orientation and scheduling of the various stages of the relocation, and we then support you in all the subsequent steps of the process, with a highly tailor-made approach.

By way of example, we support you:

      • In looking for the ideal home, whether for rent or for sale.
      • In the administrative and bureaucratic procedures for the transfer process.
      • With fiscal planning 
      • With legal consultancy 
      • With scholastic and educational assistance.

Our financial services:

      • Opening a current bank account with our partner banks 
      • Asset management service 
      • Financial advisory service

Our insurance services:

We also support you in the choice of the best insurance policies, thanks to our partnership with selected Swiss, European and international insurance brokers and companies, for example:

      • Family and personal protection policies 
      • Policies for businesses 
      • Asset protection policies 

We look forward to introduce you to Ticino and Swiss culture !

Welcome to Switzerland!