Why choose Switzerland and what are the benefits of having an account?

Switzerland is unanimously recognised as one of the world’s leading financial centres for private wealth management.

After its alignment with recent international regulations, the country is no longer part of the black list as it only holds officially declared capital.

Customers can decide to keep all or part of their assets in Switzerland in full legal compliance, thereby taking advantage of the numerous benefits that the market offers, such as:

  1. Its location in the heart of Europe;
  2. The stability of the political and economic system and an excellent legal system;
  3. Renowned tradition and know-how in private banking, with a very wide choice of investment products;
  4. An efficient capital market with high price stability and low long-term inflation;
  5. A solid banking system with heavily capitalised banks;
  6. Regular growth, strong domestic demand and a low debt rate. Sovereign credit rating: AAA;
  7. The Swiss franc is internationally regarded as a long-standing safe haven currency.

Custodia Wealth Management is based in a stable country that offers high-standing financial services.

Can I open an account in Switzerland without being a Swiss resident?

Opening a bank account in Switzerland and transferring current assets from abroad are legal transactions in every respect. Compared to the economic/political instability of various other countries, Switzerland is a safe place to deposit your assets today.

Where is my money deposited?

Customers’ assets are deposited in the bank of their choice.
Our company has well-established relationships with the main Swiss banks and can advise customers on their choice if required.

What is the role of the custodian bank?

The custodian bank, which is always chosen by the customer, is the institution where customers have their accounts and deposit their assets. 
The bank takes care of the daily administration of the account and security deposits (for example, crediting interest, dividends and capital repayments), the conservation of securities and the execution of investment orders sent by Custodia Wealth Management in implementation of the management mandate received from the customer.

Will I incur higher costs if I work with a Swiss custodian bank and an external asset manager, such as Custodia Wealth Management?

No, quite the contrary. As Custodia Wealth Management has long-standing relationships with several Swiss banks, it is able to negotiate and obtain rates for its customers that are more favourable than the standard market rates.

What kind of powers does Custodia Wealth Management have over my account?

Under the provisions of Swiss law, Custodia Wealth Management is not entitled to make withdrawals, order transfers or transfer capital from its customers’ accounts in any way.

What does it mean to grant “administrative power of attorney” to Custodia Wealth Management for the management of my assets?

Under the provisions of Swiss law, each independent asset manager, and therefore Custodia Wealth Management, only has LIMITED power of attorney over its customers’ accounts. This is referred to technically as “administrative power of attorney” and ONLY allows it to send orders for the purchase and sale of financial instruments in the customer’s portfolio, in compliance with the investment aims, time period and risk profile chosen and agreed on by the customer when signing the contract with Custodia Wealth Management.